Dog Gear Car Organizer

Don’t be caught unprepared, when traveling with your furry friend.
• Easily slips over the head rest, and has multiple pockets
• Always have a well stocked organizer there. when you need it.
• Easily pack, organize and store everything your 4 legged loved one
needs, while you’re in the car
• Adjustable straps for a secure fit to any car seat
• Easy removal, to put in another car quickly
• Well made to last a long time
• Strong Velcro used, which will last
• Large pocket for a frisbee or a small towel
• Buy and Use Carabiners for attaching leashes, travel water
bottles, or travel water bowls
• Smaller pockets for treats, balls, or toys
• Lined fleece pocket that acts as cold storage; just use a reusable
cold pack
• A few Deep pockets, one will easily fit a PKG of disposable wipes
• Made in the USA


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Made in the USA


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